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Taking Someone from Temp to Full-Time: How You Know You’re Making the Right Decision


Because of the high costs involved in hiring employees, you need to make sure you’re bringing aboard the best possible workers. One way to do this is by offering a temp-to-hire position rather than a full-time role. With a temp-to-hire position, you’re able to see how a worker performs for a set time, typically 3 to 6 months, before deciding whether to make them a permanent addition to your team. If the worker turns out not to be a great fit, they’re able to pursue other opportunities as you search for someone different.    

Follow these tips to determine whether to offer a temp-to-hire worker full-time employment. 

Evaluate Performance 

Determine whether the temp performed as they would at a full-time job. Did they arrive on time, stay late when needed, and put in their best each day? If the temp finished their work early, did they ask for additional tasks? Did they find more efficient or effective ways to complete projects? Was the temp enthusiastic and flexible while performing their work? Did they continually meet or exceed performance metrics? Going above and beyond to show their commitment to the job increased the odds that they’ll perform in a similar manner as a full-time employee.  

Determine Knowledge of the Company 

Find out how much the temp really knows about your company. Are they aware of its history, mission, key clients, and earnings reports? Does the temp understand and help reach company goals? This information is key to investment in the job. Showing concern for the organization’s future shows the temp wants to be there for the long haul.  

Consider Relationships with Coworkers 

Find out how well the temp knows coworkers at all levels of the organization. Did they talk with others during breaks or lunch to develop relationships? If the temp helped coworkers with projects, how was their work ethic? Which skills did they demonstrate or develop? Did the temp ask lots of questions and demonstrate initiative? Coworkers can attest to whether the temp would be a good permanent hire.  

Think About Culture Fit 

Include how well the temp blends with company culture. Do they adhere to the dress code? Does the temp act in accordance with company mission, vision, and values? How well do they get along with coworkers? Are they friendly and approachable? Adherence to culture plays a big part in future success with your organization.  

Include Attitude 

Determine whether the temp displays a positive attitude. Happy workers tend to be more engaged, productive, and loyal to the company. They typically help coworkers, make fewer mistakes, and give their all each day. You want a full-time employee who’s loyal to the organization long-term.   

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