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What Should You Do If You Don’t Feel Challenged at Work?


If you’ve been in your current role a while, you may no longer feel challenged by it. As you repeatedly perform the same responsibilities and gain more experience, you’re able to accomplish the same tasks in less time. Although this make your work easier, it also can cause you to feel complacent. Since you need to be challenged to feel engaged, it’s time to decide what to do about your situation. 

Find out whether you should stay or go when you no longer feel challenged at work.  

Determine Why You Feel Unchallenged 

Think about specific reasons why you don’t feel challenged. Perhaps you want more responsibilities to increase your visibility as a leader. Ask your team members, colleagues, and manager for feedback on your performance. Gain insight into how others perceive your work to determine areas for improvement. Build relationships with senior leaders outside your department to discover projects you may want to work on.   

Talk with Your Manager 

If you get along well with your manager, set up a time to speak with them. The best time to do this is immediately after you’ve been recognized for an accomplishment. Mention which types of opportunities you’d like to pursue for growth within your role or the company. This may include developing certain skills by working on a project, taking on additional responsibilities, or working in another department. Share how your new work will benefit your manager or the organization. Perhaps you’ll alleviate stress for your manager or coworkers by taking on some of their responsibilities or solving a problem the company faces. Anticipate potential objections so you’re prepared to overcome them.   

Find a New Job 

If you’re no longer excited about going to work and want a change, then it’s time to find a new role. Perhaps your ideas often are dismissed, you’re often asked to redo your work, or your performance reviews haven’t been what they should be. Maybe priorities have changed for your manager, team, department, company, or industry and you’re no longer right for your position. Think about taking a role that will challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. This will excite you to go to work each day and expand your career path.  

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