Hiring manager typing on a laptop in his office, making top talent acquisition look easy

Making Top Talent Acquisition Easy

We have a tough labor market today. Qualified candidates are often already employed, and companies have to scramble to fill vacant positions. The pool of workers that are left might not fit your needs, which leaves you trying to fill the same position over and over again. This is true of temporary placements as well: […]

Executive and Executive assistant discuss something in the office. They are reviewing documents at the Caucasian woman's desk. A man is working in the background.

10 Traits of the Most Brilliant Executive Assistants

10 Traits of the Most Brilliant Executive Assistants An Executive Assistant role is critical to the managing executive and the organization, and those who fill these roles need to be more than an assistant. As a hiring executive, you should consider looking for the best partners who can complement your needs and office objectives. Here […]

Mature man looking for part-time jobs for seniors on her laptop.

10 of the Best Part-Time Job for Seniors – Pt 2

[Continued from Part 1] 6) Customer Service Representative In the modern business world, customer service is highly prioritized. Every brand in every industry needs people to answer phones or engage in live chat with customers to help solve problems. If you enjoy talking to people, problem-solving, and using communication technology then your part-time hours are […]

Retired woman looking for part-time jobs for seniors on her laptop.

10 Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors – Pt 1

Retiring is a fantastic experience. No job, no schedule, and funds to do anything you want within reason. Retirement is what most children think being an adult is really like: You can stay home and eat ice cream whenever you want. You can focus on your hobbies, spend time playing with your grandchildren, and go […]