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Utilizing Alumni to Help with Your Job Search

Using a college alumni network is one of the best ways to stay connected with fellow graduates and potentially land a job. Alumni networks help former students from a college, fraternity/sorority, club, or region gain information on each graduate’s career, residence, and contact information. Alumni can make contacts in a field, ask for career information […]

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What Should You Do If You Don’t Feel Challenged at Work?

If you’ve been in your current role a while, you may no longer feel challenged by it. As you repeatedly perform the same responsibilities and gain more experience, you’re able to accomplish the same tasks in less time. Although this make your work easier, it also can cause you to feel complacent. Since you need to be challenged to feel engaged, it’s time to decide […]

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Who Should Be on My List of References?

When applying for jobs, most employers request a list of professional references. These people may play a role in whether you’re offered a job with the company you want. For this reason, be sure your list of refences is tailored to each position. Include people you recently worked closely with and can explain your qualities to the hiring manager. […]