4 Tips for Running an Effective Interview

After advertising an open position and reviewing resumes, you’ve narrowed down your candidate pool to those you want to interview. Your next step is to determine which types of information you need to know about each candidate to hire the most qualified person. You also want to include relevant information about the organization, culture, and […]

3 Advantages to Partnering with a Staffing Firm Before Your Next Hire

As a manager, you spend a significant amount of time and money hiring employees. You analyze job responsibilities, candidate attributes, required skills and experience, and other pertinent information, then create job postings based on your findings. You interview candidates over several weeks, narrow down the finalists, make an offer, and gain a new hire. However, this process typically is […]

Employee Perks and Why They Matter

Employee perks are closely tied to lifestyle quality. Common perks include flexible work hours, professional development opportunities, wellness programs, and remote work options. Employee perks enhance work-life balance. They help staff improve their physical and mental health and care for their families while getting ahead in their careers. Because workers who receive perks feel supported both inside and outside the […]

Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Team

Social media plays a significant role within your organization. Your customers expect you to be online and available to answer questions and complaints at any time. Because your brand needs to stay connected with current and potential customers, one poorly timed or poorly worded message can have detrimental effects on your company’s reputation. This is […]

Are You Hiring Reliable Candidates for Accounting Jobs?

When it comes to hiring accounting employees, there’s no room for error. The cost of a bad hire can be hours of time and thousands of dollars. In order to maximize your resources, you need a solid foundation on which to base your hiring practices. This increases your odds of making the best possible hire for a greater […]