Accounting & Finance Certifications That Go Beyond the CPA

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Accounting & Finance Certifications That Go Beyond the CPA You may be on the hunt for your Accounting or Finance dream job. How you separate yourself from the pack can help determine whether or not you get an invite to interview. Some Accountants opt to add additional credentials and certifications to their CVs, as a […]

Job Seekers, Consider These Six Tips for Using Social Media to Your Advantage

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Today, virtually everyone uses some form of social media. Its uses are numerous and varied; some use it to share pictures and life updates, others use it to promote a product or service. But did you know you can– and should— use social media to aid in your job search? When used strategically, social media […]

The Value of Excel and the If Statement for the Career of an Accountant

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One of the most important aspects of any accountant job is the analysis of data. Those in these positions will need to have the ability to analyze data in unique ways. Excel offers a fantastic way for accountants to analyze this type of data. But, to betruly effective, one must learn more about the functions […]

Five Tips for Following Up After Interviewing for an Accounting Job

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  If you’re in the market for an accounting job, you’ve likely spent a good deal of time researching potential employers and preparing for job interviews. What you might not have considered, however, is what you should do after the interview. That’s right– the interview process doesn’t end when you walk out the door at […]

Will Learning Excel VBA really help me get an Accounting Job?

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There’s no question that Microsoft Excel is valuable in the accounting industry. It is one of the best tools to rely on when you are looking to evaluate data of all kinds. Unfortunately, many of the ways you can manage data inside an Excel spreadsheet are rather manual and can take some time. But, by […]

4 Resume Essentials for a Finance Job

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  Writing a resume that impresses staffing agencies and hiring managers relies on incorporating essential elements in a way that does not bore them. You need to set yourself apart from other candidates vying for the same finance jobs. You have just a few seconds to appeal to a company. Make your first impression a […]

Growing Temp Economy Means Excellent Candidates For Your Open Positions

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The growing temp economy offers employers a vast array of qualified workers to fill positions within their companies. As the economy continues to recover, the temporary job market continues to see drastic growth. According to CareerBuilder, temporary roles have increased 57% since 2009, and are projected to rise another 13% by 2019. Nearly 3 million […]