Staffing 101–Is Your Accounting Department Understaffed?

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As a business owner, your time and energy are often pulled in different directions. You hired competent people, and you are doing your part by growing the business. However, with business growth, oftentimes the need arises for you to expand your workforce. Some departments, like the accounting department, can go overlooked. If you suspect your […]

Why Transitioning Military Need Staffing Firms in San Diego

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Naval Base San Diego is home to more than 20,000 service members, many who whom will remain in the area following separation. These sailors could greatly benefit from using our staffing firm in San Diego to find employment – here’s why. A Variety of Options After leaving the military, not every service member desires the […]

How to Assess Technical Skills When Recruiting New Hires – Pt 2

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Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on assessing technical skills before making a hiring decision. When it comes to IT and technical positions, you need someone who can step smoothly into the role of administrator, engineer, or developer. They need to be not just familiar with the technology, but capable and comfortable […]

How to Assess Technical Skills When Recruiting New Hires – Pt 1

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Assessing candidates for a technical position includes two broad categories of qualification. On the human side, candidates must have the right personality, and availability to fit well into a client’s company culture. On the technical side, candidates need to also have the tech skills necessary to fulfill the needs of the position. The problem is that […]

How to Acquire Top Quality Talent

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Employees are your greatest asset. Excellent employees can take your company to the next level. They are worth the investment. Now, the challenge is finding that perfect fit for the role you want to fill. One would think that shouldn’t be too difficult. Human resources receive hundreds of applications for every open position. But, finding […]

Why Companies Outsource Staffing to Contingent Firms

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Human resources management involves everything from labor to employment to compensation. Every organization relies on HR professionals to recruit, hire, train, develop, discipline and terminate employees. Many companies choose to outsource certain HR functions, such as screening and hiring, to headhunters and contingent firms to increase productivity, compliance and organizational effectiveness. The HR department is […]

How to Find the Best Boutique Staffing Agency in San Diego

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The United States unemployment rate is hovering down around 4.7 percent according to recent statistics. With the surge of available jobs, employers are scrambling to find the best talent to fill the positions. Hiring the best talent is a priority for businesses. One way managers and business owners are filling the need is by working […]

Six Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Staffing Company


Increasingly more job seekers are turning to staffing companies to help them find both short-term and long-term job opportunities. Understanding how to work with a staffing company, however, is essential to maximizing your chances of successfully securing a position. Consider the following six tips for effectively communicating with your staffing company: Professionalism matters. Frequently, job-seekers […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Working With a Staffing Company


Working with a staffing company can be an excellent way to gain experience in new industries, bridge the gap between permanent jobs, and even find long-term work. Indeed, staffing companies often have access to an array of job opportunities that you might not know about otherwise. But if you’ve never worked with a staffing firm […]

Companies Enjoy the Advantages of Using Staffing Firms in San Diego

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Staffing firms are becoming popular among companies. There are many advantages from the use of staffing firms in San Diego. There are several aspects of a business that staffing firms can affect in a positive way. Following, are the most common benefits.   Decrease in Bad Hires   According to a recent Dice article, “The […]