Six Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Staffing Company

Increasingly more job seekers are turning to staffing companies to help them find both short-term and long-term job opportunities. Understanding how to work with a staffing company, however, is essential to maximizing your chances of successfully securing a position. Consider the following six tips for effectively communicating with your staffing company: Professionalism matters. Frequently, job-seekers […]


Why Headhunting Shouldn’t Be Considered a Dirty Word

In the business and finance world, headhunting is sometimes considered a “dirty” or “unfair” way to staff a business. That misconception is absolutely ridiculous: headhunting is actually one of the most effective ways you can find employees. The following headhunting benefits should convince you that this process doesn’t actually deserve its bad reputation. And hopefully […]

Technology Has Revolutionized the Finance Industry

Technology Has Revolutionized the Finance Industry

It’s important to know how the finance industry has changed before starting your career in this field. One example is the use of technology, which has changed the way different procedures work. Here are several reasons why technology in the finance industry is changing it for the better: Plastic Money: Credit cards, debit cards and […]