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3 Tips for Top Talent Acquisition and Management

  A talent management theory has two aspects: the theoretical and the practical. The theoretical aspect involves discussing things and writing them down. What exactly are the company’s aims when it comes to top talent acquisition and management? What are you looking for and why? What are your long term goals? Your company vision? How would you like your […]

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Top Talent Acquisition: 6 Reasons Athletes Are a Winning Choice

Regardless of industry, hiring an athlete can be a winning decision for your business. They’re tough, they’re motivated, and they’re committed to accomplishing the goals set before them. If you’re debating between otherwise equally qualified candidates for an open position, your best bet is the person who is actively or formerly engaged in individual or team sport. Athletes are competition-driven […]

Top Talent Acquisition

Tips for Top Talent Acquisition

  While hiring the top talent for your business may seem like an obvious priority, many companies do not have the time or resources to do it well. Most business owners will tell you that one of the most expensive mistakes they make is hiring the wrong person, which is why businesses hire full-service staffing […]